Welcome to SOVRGN Farms

Robust & Resilient Farming, Anywhere.

We are currently in phase 3 of our prototyping.

We currently have an indoor farm as well as an outdoor greenhouse. We are producing microgreens, hydroponic lettauce’s, rocket, spinich and other herbs or salad ingredients. In phase 3 we aim for on-going weekly production whilst prototying some of our developed technologies for AI and systems monitoring. We are also currently looking at different nutrient options, water systems and cycles as well as lighting optimisation as to have the best quality produce

If you would like to donate to SOVRGN FARMS, you can send Algo’s to our main wallet address: IV5HCE7IJFRK4DVKLCOEXVFR74B4DVIEZ7XQT5HUSSPJFP5D5VBHLWS7RM

The SOVRGN FARM Token on the AlgoExplorer

Built on Algorand

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